We provide a complete range of landscape services to keep your yard or commercial property looking beautiful all year.

• Annual and perennial planting
• Mowing and trimming
• Mulching and weeding
• Spring and fall pruning
• Tree and shrub removal
• Weed and pest control
• Holiday Lighting
• Snow Removal

Lawn Care

Pruning is important to improve the structure or health or to accommodate human needs such as clearance pruning or hazard mitigation. Other situations may include light penetration, aesthetics, or to improve one’s view.  The best time to prune is early spring or late fall.

We  can remove any size tree in any location. 

 We are insured for your protection! We will give you proof of insurance before we start the work.


If you want to keep your landscaping attractive, you should consider having your your trees trimmed. Trimming   helps to remove dead or broken limbs and helps to keep your tree healthy.

We attend your needs and perform the trimming that you want for your trees.


Preston Tree Service, INC.

Do you have a yard that feels overwhelming? Do you dread every time you have to mow the lawn or shovel the driveway?

Let us help.

Preston Tree service  is here to help with all of your residential lawn care  needs. We’ll take care of everything at your home: from pruning and mowing to cleaning up between seasons to shoveling and snow blowing.